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tarp stop Pro-Lok® Aluminum Side Mount

Includes mounting hardware.

Price: $12.00
Bungee Bungee Replacement

This is replacement bungee for manual Pro-Lok roll tarp systems

  • Cord is 11'6'' long.
  • Perfect for 8' wide boxes.

Price: $15.00
Tool Pouch Tool Pouch

Price: $20.00
Bungee Assembly Bungee Assembly

Includes: PVC, Bungee, and Bungee End Plug

Price: $27.00
Tarp Stop Pro-Lok® Quick Release Assembly

This aluminum tarp stop comes standard in every Pro-Lok® Kit but its also universal for any roll tarp system!
Includes mounting hardware.

Price: $28.00
Ridge Strap, Strap ProLok® Ridge Strap Assemblies

Ridge Strap Assembly

Price: $29.00
Horizontal Dual Pole Plug Horizontal Dual Pole Power Plug

(for truck to trailer)

Price: $32.00
Windstraps Windstrap

Reinforce your tarp on windy days with windstraps. They are an excellent way to protect your tarp from tears.


• Tools needed: Tape Measure, Sharpie Marker, 9/16’’ Socket, Impactor, Drill

and 5/16’’ Drill Bit

STEP 1Place the cords at 1/4 trailer length from the front and 3/4 trailer length from the front just behind the tarp bow.

STEP 2 Drill a 5/16’’ hole just below the frame on a rivet row between two rivets on the passenger side. Secure the cord with a self threader.

STEP 3Loosen your tarp so it hangs down on the driver side, mark and drill a 5/16’’ hole just below the tarp between two rivets on the rivet row. Secure the cord with a self threader.

Price: $37.00