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Install Instructions for Dura-Trap Electric Hopper Opener
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  • • Dura-Trap is the only hopper opener with a fully enclosed design to protect wiring connections, motor, & RF controller against corrosive elements.
    • Impact resistant shielding plates for added protection from ice, mud, and salt.
    • Comes preassembled & prewired making it easy to install.
    • Stainless steel through shaft can be disengaged with one bolt for a manual operation.
    • Wires for rear trap have their own independent wires running to the front trailer plug. This eliminates splices & unnecessary connections making the Dura-trap even more reliable.
    • Compact design will raise brackets & shaft for more clearance required by augers.
    • The motor is inverted to allow the brushes to stay free of dust and grease significantly increasing performance & longevity of the motor.
    • The body of the Dura-Trap is built from a heavy 3/16'' aluminum thickness.
    • Stainless steel shaft and through shaft to prevent corrosion.
    • 6 Gauge power cable for plenty amp capacity.