Does your tarp have a tear or showing areas that are worn? 


High Quality Fabric

We use high quality American made fabric.

Great Workmanship

All of our tarps are sewn, heat welded, and reinforced with webbing.

Quick Turnaround

We have a 2-3 day turnaround, and we ship anywhere in the USA.

Electric Conversion Kits

From the bins to the fields, let our electric conversion kits make your job easier this harvest season! 

Roll Tarps

Pro-Lok replacement tarps are for sidelock style roll tarp systems. One end of the tarp has a pocket for a 1 1/8" fastening tube and the other side has a pocket for a 2" roll tube. These tarps have heat welded seams for a waterproof seal and are reinforced with webbing along the edges. We use high quality fabric that will last for years. It is UV resistant and doesn't delaminate in the sun.

Pro-Lok complete roll tarp kits are constructed out of industrial grade components that last for years. That is why Pro-Lok has earned it's reputation as the longest lasting tarping system you can buy. Avoid the frustration and look for Pro-Lok's stamp of quality because we set the standard.

Have a safe one man operation this year with the most durable electric trap opener. Ships easily anywhere in the USA and comes preassembled. Dura-Trap electric conversion set has a fully enclosed design to protect wiring connections, motor, & RF contoller against corrosive elements.

Automate what you do this season with the EXT Electric tarp opener. This heavy duty electric conversion can easily be added to your existing manual roll tarp system. Now you can quickly roll your grain trailer tarp open and closed with the most wind resistant tarp opener. The patented "force transfer" allows the EXT to climb heaped loads and power through windy conditions that you may face while operating in the field. The best feature of all is the EXT does not hyper extend in the wind. The arms constrained range of motion keeps you in control of your tarp wirelessly. The high torque motor rolls the tarp fast keeping your farm operation running smooth and efficient. The EXT electric tarp opener works great with our Dura-Trap Electric Trap set. All of our products are built and tested in North Dakota by Bismarck Canvas. We ship anywhere in the USA and our electric conversion kits come preassembled for easy installation.