Quote Request for Farm Truck Pro-Lok® Kits
Standard in every Pro-Lok® Farm Truck Kit: • 7'' Rise Aluminum End Caps • 2 Pinless Crank Holders • Pro-Lok® Quick Release Tarp Stops • 1 Ridge Strap • 18 oz. American Made Fabric

Full Name:
Outside to Outside top of Box Length of Farm Truck:
Outside to Outside top of Box Width of Farm Truck:
Distance from the top of box to the ground (this determines crank length):
Specify if you need bows (yes or no):
Specify if you need end caps (yes or no):
Optional Extra Bow Assembly Complete:
Optional Folding Crank Kit that includes 2 extra Side Mount Crank Handle Holders (yes or no):
Optional Rear Fabric Filler Panel (yes or no):
Optional Upgrade to 12'' Rise Aluminum End Caps (yes or no):
Optional Extra Ridge Strap (yes or no):
Optional Upgrade Radius Front End Caps (yes or no):
18 or 22 oz. American Made Fabric:

Color of Tarp:


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